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  • Bruce Dominguez

    Bruce Dominguez

    Senior SRE, DevOps, AWS, Terraform

  • Yitaek Hwang

    Yitaek Hwang

    Sr. Software Engineer at Axoni writing about cloud, DevOps/SRE, and crypto topics: https://yitaekhwang.com

  • Bill Johnson

    Bill Johnson

    Principal Engineering Manager for Azure by day, run coach for @teamchallengenw by night

  • Jack Shirazi

    Jack Shirazi

    Working in the EG Reliability Engineering team. Also: founder of JavaPerformanceTuning.com; Java Performance Tuning (O’Reilly) author; Java Champion since 2005

  • Tammy Bryant Butow

    Tammy Bryant Butow

    Principal Site Reliability Engineer @GremlinInc http://gremlin.com | Chaos Engineering ☁️ 💻 ⚡️💀 Previously @DigitalOcean @Dropbox @NAB @QUT

  • Vishesh Jindal

    Vishesh Jindal

    Infrastructure at Grofers

  • Syed Saad Ahmed

    Syed Saad Ahmed

    Python, DevOps, Cryptography, Infra-Structure, Automation. https://syedsaadahmed.com/

  • Hays Stanford

    Hays Stanford

    Helping people learn to build apps with React Native. blog.haysstanford.com/course/

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