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  • Piotr


    Opinions: Multi-cloud is real, Microservices are hard, Kubernetes is the future, CLIs are good. Me: Love jogging with my dog and learning new things.



    Site Reliablity Engineer in Tokyo. SRE/devops/Go/AWS/Terraform

  • Kim Wuestkamp

    Kim Wuestkamp

    wuestkamp.com | killer.sh (CKS CKA CKAD Simulator) | Software Engineer, Infrastructure Architect, Certified Kubernetes, Certified Symfony

  • Alexander Matyushentsev

    Alexander Matyushentsev

  • Andrei Kvapil

    Andrei Kvapil

    This mess is mine!

  • Tosin Akinosho

    Tosin Akinosho

    Cloud Solutions Architect — Love to talk about cloud technology.

  • Gabriel Abdalla Cavalcante

    Gabriel Abdalla Cavalcante

    Father, CNCF Adopter, Python Developer, Lean Practitioner, Husband, Biker.

  • Kostis Kapelonis

    Kostis Kapelonis

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