Tech Conference, do you see it from the outside? Or do you see it from the inside?

I translated my company’s interview blog as an example of career path as an Infra Engineer with Tech Conference staff member experience.
Following is written based on a perspective of an interviewer.

‘CloudNative Days Tokyo 2020’ was held on September 8th and 9th.
Our infra engineer with ‘Professional Role’, Yoshiki Fujiwara, has been involved in running this event for the third consecutive year. He was also a staff member in charge of the program handling at ‘July Tech Festa 2020’ held in July.
(The photo is from ‘Cloud Native Days Tokyo 2019’)

We asked Fujiwara, who “sees from the inside” the four technical events, about the merits of being involved in an external technical event as an operating member and his impressions of being involved.

-Why did you participate in running the event?

I participated in the predecessor ‘JapanContainerDays v18.12’ of this event held two years ago and last year’s ‘Cloud Native Days Tokyo 2019’ as a ‘volunteer event venue member’ on that day, and this year’s ‘Cloud Native Days Tokyo 2020’ as a volunteer staff member. This is my third time participating.

Previously, when I participated in the event as a participant, I saw the speakers guiding the venue. At that time, as a participant, I thought, “I want to help the speakers to concentrate on their presentations and exchanges.” “I don’t have the skill-set to speak or deliver, but I should be able to liven up and support the event.” It motivated me to participate as a staff member of tech events.

I also have other purposes including, Catching up on the technical areas of my interest, Being in close contact with the speakers so they can remember my face, and Laying the foundation for my own future stage.

-What did you do as a staff member of ‘CNDT2020’?

Since it was planned to invite overseas guests, an ‘International team’ was formed and I participated in it. We planned to negotiate with overseas guests, introduce overseas topics, have guests attend on the day, and have sponsors attend. However, due to COVID-19, there was no invitation of overseas guests, and the planned tasks were gone, so I supported other teams by spreading the event on SNS and checking and reflecting on participants’ opinions.

In addition, I participated as a subtitle reviewer of the video letter for the next day (Day 2) that arrived from the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) on the day of the event (Day 1). It flowed beautifully in the actual production, and I was relieved when I saw comments on Twitter that reacted to its contents.

On the day of the session, I participated in ‘Ask The Speaker’ after the session, picking up questions from participants and connecting with speakers. When I mentioned to one of the speakers and whose parities that everyone was not able to watch the archive, they allowed us to publish the archive and participants thanked me for taking action.

-What did you gain from participating as an operating member?

The enthusiasm of the core members of the management was tremendous, and the depth of awareness and the sense of speed were at a level that could not be imitated. However, since I have such strong standards within myself, I think I can improve myself and others without compromising on my future work and learning.

I have been interested in technology / organization theories for a long time, but I often start learning from “people” rather than books and theories itself, but I heard that I was able to expand my area of ​​interest through the sessions in this event.
In other events management such as July Tech Festa, I was close to the speakers, management members, and participants, so I was able to cooperate naturally even outside the company. As a result, it has become possible to draw more in-depth technical / organizational theories from experts.

-Please tell us your overall impression

It was a long preparation period, so I’m relieved to finish it without big problem. And, looking at the comments of those who participated, there are many comments that praise the UI / UX and support, and I am happy as a staff member.
And above all, the enthusiasm for the core member of this community is amazing. Compared to the core members, I feel that my technical / temporal / administrative contributions are still low, but for the next step, there are many areas to be refined as well as technical. I would like to proceed with preparations while doing my daily work, and next time I will issue CfP so that I can contribute to the technical side as well.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who participated and supported us. Thank you very much!

Bye now!!

Yoshiki Fujiwara



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Yoshiki Fujiwara

・Cloud Solutions Architect - AWS@NetApp in Tokyo, Japan. #AWS Certified Solution Architect&DevOps Professional, #Kubernetes, ・Opinions are my own.